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what does your brand identity say about you?

What does your brand identity say about you? What does your audience say about you? What do YOU say about you? Chances are good if you're reading this section, you have some idea that the materials you put out to the world should align and represent the vision for your organization, your work culture, and your targeted audience.

Brand is more than a logo and FredWorks Studios can help you sort it all out. If you're dipping your toe into the brand identity pool for the first time, check out the free PDF on brand identity. We'll walk you through it.


clear and consistent marketing communication

Kimberly is passionate about marketing materials that are clear and consistent across all print and media. Presenting a clean message with one identifiable look screams to the world that you're professional and on top of your game.

Whether you're interested in building or re-tooling your image, or staying consistent with what you have, FredWorks Studios can help you communicate your image to the world.



Church communication that speaks

Church communication is essential and sometimes brand identity and marketing communication are overlooked in the midst of ministry details.

branding-churchesWhen you sit back and visualize your church through the eyes of someone who is just driving by, or found you on the web, or walked through the door for the first time, what kind of message do you see? What do you have to say? What is your culture like and does it line up with how you want others to see you? How can you more effectively communicate the message of Christ?

Take a look at our brand identity guide for churches and let Kimberly help you with the process.

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